Multnomah County Public Libraries

Wifi Basics

Each Multnomah County Library location has wifi, but only during library hours. So check their hours, and make sure it's not a library holiday! Library wifi hotspots have a splash page. Each time you connect, you'll see words telling you to behave, and will have to click a button.


The Multnomah County Library is the Portland area's public library system. Each of their locations has wifi, but only during library hours. You can sign up to use a desktop computer if you don't have your own computing device, even if you're not a Portland resident. Most of Portland's public libraries are short on places to sit and table space. The computer areas are usually crowded, and the lack of windows thoroughly isolates you from Portland's natural beauty, and any weather conditions outside. It can get noisy. On the other hand, no pressure to buy anything!


Sharing your wifi connection brings many benefits to yourself and others. Sharing wifi can save you and others money, enhance privacy, and decrease the amount of time you waste messing around trying to find passwords. Sharing your wifi makes the PDX Wifi Map better and Portland a better place to live in and visit. Think about sharing yours!

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