Each blue balloon on the map is a working wifi hotspot. Click 'em for place names, then click those for useful info, e.g. Arbor Lodge Park.

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Portland Wireless Internet and Map Resources

PDX Wifi Map hosts several informative articles. Read, learn, enjoy!
  Open Wifi,   OpenStreetMap,   Portland's Public Libraries,   the Personal Telco Project  

Elsewhere on the web: the Open Wireless Movement

Who uses pdxwifimap, and why?

  1. Leaving the house is a great way to socialize, encounter serendipity, support local small businesses, and discover new food, beverages, and music.
  2. Portlanders without internet at home -- because they don't want it, can't afford it, or it's too slow -- can use an old laptop, Android device, ebook reader device, or iPod touch to stay connected to friends and family, pay bills, study, download ebooks from the public library, and find out what they need to know.
  3. Tourists and visitors whose cell phone plans don't cover Portland use wifi for online maps and guidebooks, uploading their travel photos, and communicating via Skype over wifi.
  4. People with cell phone data limits. Using wifi is a cheaper and faster way to download podcasts, videos, and audiobooks.
  5. People looking for a welcoming place to hang out. Places that offer wifi signals are broadcasting another signal as well: "spend some time here, enjoy yourself!" Businesses with no wifi would rather take your money, and have you be on your way. That's fine, but it's good to know what you're in for.
  6. Anybody who thinks what they do on the internet is nobody's business but their own. Using open wifi can increase your privacy. It's also safe.


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