Open Wifi

Wifi Basics

Don't annoy people providing open wifi, or get them in trouble!

No password needed to connect. Might be a splash page, might not. PDX Wifi Map only displays those open wifi hotspots that do not cost money to use.


Don't annoy people providing open wifi, or cause them legal trouble, or business problems, or any other sort of grief! Don't litter, don't hang out forever, don't hog the only available parking space, don't be creepy. If you're in a vehicle, turn off the motor: you'll save gas, your vehicle will be quieter, and your gasoline smell won't waft in their direction.

If you know who's providing the open wifi, thank them for doing it. If it's a local business, support them with your money. Don't merely be a freeloader.

From openwireless.org's Considerate Use Guidelines:

[The provider of this open wifi] has generously offered you a portion of their bandwidth. Please be considerate when you use it. In particular, please be thoughtful about bandwidth. Try to avoid watching long or high-definition video streams — they may slow the host's network down significantly. You should never use open wireless for activities which may draw hostile attention to this IP address: hacking, sharing copyright-infringing media, performing large port scans, engaging in denials-of-service, posting harassing or illegal material to forums, or other unlawful or antisocial behavior. Send on this network what you would want others to send from yours.


Sharing your wifi connection brings many benefits to yourself and others. Sharing wifi can save you and others money, enhance privacy, and decrease the amount of time you waste messing around trying to find passwords. Sharing your wifi makes the PDX Wifi Map better and Portland a better place to live in and visit. Think about sharing yours! Visit openwireless.org to learn more about it. Then, disable the password on your wifi router, and name your wifi network "personaltelco.net" (if you live in the Portland area), "openwireless.org" (wherever you live), or a name of your choosing. People in your area will be happy you did!

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