Personal Telco Project Node List

A list of Personal Telco Project node names and explanations. If these names mean nothing to you, maybe you're looking for the Portland Wifi List.

NodeAmnesia - Amnesia Brewing

NodeAnnaBannanas - Anna Bannanas

NodeArborLodge - Arbor Lodge Park

NodeBarXV - Bar XV

NodeBeaterville - Beaterville Cafe

NodeBeulahLand - Beulahland Coffee and Alehouse

NodeBillyRays - Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive

NodeBobWhite - Bob White Theatre

NodeBuffaloGap - Buffalo Gap Saloon and Eatery

NodeContrary - Cafe Contrary

NodeCoalition - Coalition Brewing

NodeCommunitecture - communitecture architecture and planning

NodeCrowBar - Crow Bar

NodeFirstUnitarian - First Unitarian Church

NodeFlorio - Florio Bakery

NodeGooseHollow - Goose Hollow Inn / Fehrenbacher Hof

NodeGrandCentral - Grand Central Bakery

NodeGreenNoise - Green Noise Records

NodeHawthorne - Hawthorne Hostel

NodeLionsEye - Lion's Eye Tavern

NodeLuckyLabNorth - Lucky Lab Tap Room

NodeLuckyLab - Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

NodeLuckyLabNW - Lucky Labrador Northwest

NodeCascadia - New Cascadia Traditional

NodeNewDeal - New Deal Cafe

NodeOpenSpace - Open Space Cafe

NodeIndustry - Palace of Industry

NodePioneerSquare - Pioneer Square

NodeRerun - Portland's Rerun

NodeTumbleweed - Residential Wifi

NodeBrunner - Residential Wifi

NodeSmart - Residential Wifi

NodeTibbetts - Residential Wifi

NodeAnholt - Residential Wifi

Node069 - Residential Wifi

NodeEd - Residential Wifi

Node616 - Residential Wifi

NodeKlickitat - Residential Wifi

NodeBluebird - Residential Wifi, at Bluebird 58

NodeSlabtown - Slabtown

NodeSoapbox - Soapbox Theory and Screw Loose Studios

NodeStaccatoGelato - Staccato Gelato

NodeSuzette - Suzette Creperie

NodeBasementPub - The Basement Public House

NodeFreshPot - The Fresh Pot

NodeUglyMug - Ugly Mug Coffeehouse

NodeUrbanGrindNW - Urban Grind Coffee - Northwest

NodeWhiffies - Whiffies Fried Pies

NodeWorldCup - World Cup Coffee and Tea

NodeYukonTavern - Yukon Tavern

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