Personal Telco Node Audit 2012

All map locations are hotspots somehow relevant to the Personal Telco Project ("PTP"): active nodes, inactive (former) nodes, and possibly even nodes which Personal Telco has not been informed about. Every hotspot on this map has the word "telco" somewhere in the network name ("ssid"). Dan Rasmussen visited each of these places in person in Summer/Fall 2012, except those marked "not visited."

Click a map marker for an info box. Click the map marker again to close it. Unfortunately, this probably won't work on phone/tablet browsers.


plus sign Plus Sign allows you to toggle overlays or change the map view to show bicycle routes or public transit info.
blue square Blue Squares are hotspots visited in person in 2012 and confirmed working.
red square Red Squares are hotspots Personal Telco has a record of, but I have not yet visited. They may be out of order or even gone.
red kite Red Kites are hotspots I found wardriving. Personal Telco might not know of all of them. If it correlates with a Blue square, I've probably confirmed it working.
red minus Red Minuses are hotspots that were shown on map.personaltelco.net when I started my node audit. Combined with *only* a red square or kite, means I biked by but didn't stop to check on the node, or that a signal was visible but not usable. To be sorted.


The Android device I used to audit these hotspots wasn't capable of showing me the BSSID of the hotspot I was connected to. So if more than one hotspot in an area had the same SSID, I couldn't be certain which wireless device I was connected to. All I could see is that I was connected to a Personal Telco node in that particular area.

Quite a few BSSIDs aren't documented in the wiki. See PTP Warbike for details.

Yet to Audit

Shown on pdxwifimap.com with the label, "wifi reported." I doubt the residential hotspots are still around, but they might be. I ignored PTP nodes outside of Portland.

Lucky Labrador Multnomah (NodeLuckyLabSW)
7675 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219

Residential - SW 56th Pl (ResidentialNodes#SW56thPl)

Residential - SW Dolph and 17th (ResidentialNodes#SwDolphStAnd17th)
1618 SW Dolph St, Portland, OR 97219

Residential - SW Midvale Rd and Riverside Dr (ResidentialNodes#SWMidvaleAndRiverside)
SW Midvale Rd and Riverside Dr, Portland, OR

Residential - W Burnside and Fischer (ResidentialNodes#WBurnsideAndFischer)
W Burnside and Fischer, Portland, OR

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